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The Birth of Chiku the African Bird was celebrated by all of the animals of the forest.  The elders of the village declared this magical bird as the symbol that the new golden age had arrived.

The songs of Chiku were so amazing that it soothed the souls of all living beings.

One day the parents of Chiku flew away when she was asleep.  She no longer wanted to sing. 

Mr. Dark and Mr. Light are twin brothers born 12 hours apart.  One was born during the day and the other brother was born at night to a family named Light.

For the eldest brother Mr. Light life was a breeze.  He was loved by all.  On the other hand the youngest brother was constantly challenged by life and the people in the community.

When Mr. Light challenged his younger brother to a great debate!


Far I  Shields reads the book Mr. Dark and Mr. Light.  It takes approximately 20 min. to listen to the entire story.

Relax and enjoy the concepts of choice and freedom.  If you have questions please join our mailing list and Far I and staff would love to engage and assist.