Music is such a blessing.  It is a language all its own.  Both Glenn and I have been playing music for the majority of our lives.  So there is a language that you can see in the video where we are building on the knowledge base that we both have.  We did not rehearse this song yet there are mathematical patterns in music that the seasoned musician can follow.  I mention the notes in the change right before we play it.  We are going from G to B.  Then what I call the run is a 4 count going down the fret B, A, G, F#.  The second musical language that I noticed Mr. Smith picked up on the fly is when I said let’s halftime it.  Basically this means let’s slow it down approximately ½ the speed we were going.  I noticed this when I was rehearsing on my own, that when I play the song at halftime it give a chance for me to bring in more of the Spanish Guitar.  I have never attempted to do this with my band, just on my own.  In the moment I felt that Mr. Smith could follow me.  The great thing is that he was able to and it worked out perfectly.

Ultimately music is a beautiful thing to share with others.  I was watching a documentary with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stone and he said that there is a moment when the music is playing and his band mates lose themselves in the music.  the individuals disappear and its just the music.  He paused for a moment and then stated “It’s a great way to be human”.  Ahhhhhh I agree so much.  There is no time and space, there is no names and places - just this sweet musical bliss that is happening in the moment.  What a feeling.

So on my sister’s birthday February 17th 2018 Mr. Smith was able to journey from his home in Hunters Point San Francisco, Ca under the waters of the Bay on the BART train.  I picked him up from Ashby Bart Station and he had on all this beautiful clothing representing the Tuskegee Airmen.  I you do not know their story of bravery and courage then it is one you should take the time to read about and study.

Video Commentary 

Far I:  Thank you brotha.  It took 13 years for us to get here. Blessings to the Universe.  Blessings to our human family to your mother.  Blessings to our parents.  Blessings to my parents and our grandparents.  Blessings to the unborn generations and all those who will come after us.  Let’s give them some of this Guru Mr. Smith.  From G to B.  I was letting him know the chords to the intro.

Guru - Original Song by Far I Shields

First Verse - B,A,G,F#

Loving Guru - Live through me
Been trapped by the ocean - been tossed by sea
and in this journey of life I’m searching for serenity
living to save my soul and save humanity
one with the moon - one with the sun
one with the universe, I’ve been one since time began

Chorus - G to B

Yes I’m truly free
It’s an inside reality
one with my destiny
life’s a joyous journey

Second Verse - B,A,G,F#

Life is very mystic
Mystic soul - your the gentle breeze
you’re the ocean smiling - your the trees
you are the rising sun - shine your light through me
I thank you for your love and I thank you for all I see
Well, NOW’s the time I love it - I’ll shine to humanity
I’ll live and breathe my freedom - I’ll sing harmony

Guitar Solo’s

Collective Laughter
One Love to everyone.  Mr. Glenn T Smith and Brotha Far I
Giving you love and peace from the heart - Blessings
Mr. Smith: Yes!

Notes about video:

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Glenn T. Smith at a financial workshop in 2005 - World Financial Group.  Phillip and his spectacularly smart, beautiful and loving wife Jenny.  After the seminar Glenn pulled me to the side and started teaching me.  One of the first things he asked me was if I had heard of Affiliate Marketing.  My answer was that no I had not.  I had been building websites since 1991 yet I had not heard of Affiliate Marketing.   He pulled out the is very large book that looked like a huge dictionary and it was entitle Affiliate Marketing.  I read through the book briefly and still had no idea what Affiliate Marketing is.  The next word he used to explain Affiliate Marketing is that is a way to monetize your websites.  Stumped again.  I had never heard of the world monetize.  So thus the teachings of Mr. Glenn T. Smith began.

Well it only got better.  Soon I would discover that Mr. Smith also played the guitar.  I was like wow, wow, wow.  Wait it even gets better.  One of his musical mentors is the late Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire.  In the 70’s Mr. Smith was the lead guitar player for a band that was in Japan at the same time Earth, Wind and Fire was.  They saw each other in several different countries during this period.  Overtime Maurice White and Glenn had many conversations.  This was all amazing to me.  Here it was now that I had a mentor in business, finance, music and life lessons.

Because of Mr. Smith’s inspiration I created the Freedom Road Show in May of 2007 and hosted this weekly show on Friday nights for 3 years in the SF Bay Area - Art, Music and Financial Freedom.  At one of the show hosted at the Day of the Dead Cafe on Grand Ave. in Oakland I met John Fargo.  He was the beautiful soul that challenged me to start healthy cleaning company.  That company started in 2009 and is still going today.  Green Carpet Clean and Housekeeping Service.

For Booking, live performances for festivals, church, events and private parties email:

Good morning all, welcome to , this is the champion, your first start. So we wanna breathe properly while rising and do a little prayer and meditation and not just pop up. It's good to slowly get up take deep breath and stretching, i usually do my exercise when i wake up, i do some stretching so the first part of the day. And breakfast is really imp. This is my high powered oatmeal. I get it from whole foods. So this is a glass bowl an di am going to put just a little bit of the oats into the bowl. So here we go just a little it of oats. These are the rolled oats they tend to expand but not like the quick oats so i'm gonna put just a little. Now i'm gonna put a little bit of Himalayan pink salt just a little bit and these i love these blackberries, organic blackberries so i'm gonna put a few in there. Next is pumpkin seeds, it's good to look up why are these good for you and you will be very surprised to know its benefits. These are just raw pumpkin seeds thay do not have any no salt on it just regulae raw pumpkin seeds. So im gonna mix these in there and then raisins , i like raisins, i'm gonna put some raisins in them as well. These raspberries and raisins are gonna make the oatmeal naturally sweet so im gonna add these raisins in there. And now i'm also gonna put chia seeds. These are also super power seeds and its very good to get it in. and how are we gonna put it in? We are gonna put it in in the very first meal of the day. So m gonna put little of these in there and just a little and not too much of flax seeds in there. Use very little sprinkle, as i say use your intuition. That is good there. Now i am also gonna put some organic bananas.

I was so happy when they started making available organic bananas. Sometimes the commercial bananas are capable of taking pesticides in them and it's kind of discouraging and i stopped eating bananas for a while. For the 4-5 past years there has been available organic bananas in most of the stores now even safeway and lucky's have them. Support your organic farmers because they are helping  to reduce toxins in the planet earth. And i normally wouldn't put that much but you know for me and bananas, if i don't eat the whole banana it turns into the brownish thing and i don't like that. So i just wanna get it in. now the spring water, im gonna put it about a inch above all these goodies here and  alright that is gonna be the majority of the oatmeal . now i am gonna use sweetner. You can use the raw honey or standard honey. raw organic honey. I  doing a little research on the difference and you you know you can comment and let us know. So i'm just gonna put just a little in there as the raisins and the blackberries are also gonna make it sweet. Now i'm gonna bake it for about 10 minutes. So this is almond milk at the end once it's ready. So now i'm gonna go ahead and put that in the oven under 400 degrees for 10-15 mts and it's good to go.

As far as the other goodies so far i have some vitamins, i had not been taking vitamins  from a while and i just started taking these and this is called the Garden Of Life My Kind, these are organic and chewable multivitamin, they have mens and women and i would say get some of those in for you. I take 4 a day. And this is some green power food , this is some green Kalamath Blue Green Algae Superfood and how i normally intake that is i have a keifer from Kalunga wellness and put that in there like that. This is also how I try to get my power drink. Me and coffee - I love the smell of coffee but it seems like it doesn't love me as much as I love it. And i've been trying to find an alternative, ive been using Yerba Mate and and i mix it with hot water, mix it ,boil it, put some lemon and agave, i use Blue Agave from Trader Joes and that's a great replacement of coffee for me.

So I'm gonna put some Blue Algae on the Kiefer on my glass just about a teaspoon. If you don't know what  Keefer is it is  a probiotic drink. Probiotic are really good for your intestine. One of the reasons why we are not digesting food properly and getting these beer belly kind of things going on as we grow is because of age. So i'm just gonna but about a teaspoon of Blue Algae in that and mix it with the kiefer and drink it down. It's a very good power breakfast drink to start you day. I also have some healthy snacks here, these are some organic orange  to get the vitamin Cin and organic kiwi , pick it a little soft. These are the foods you could snack on throughout the day.

So that is it. And questions or comments please leave them below and please log on to fari and share your ideas cuz wealth is knowledge and out health is our wealth.

Much love, much joy, and happiness.

Healthy Eating with Far I  Shields - Cooking Power Packed Oatmeal

Far I's Power Packed Oatmeal


Far I Shields Online

Healthy Eating with Far I  Shields - Cooking Red Lentils

Welcome to first cooking show we are going to cook today some  split red lentils . So here the lentils are already pre washed and i am going to bake them in the oven in the temperature of 400 degrees and I am also going to mix some spices and vegetables. Adding some vegetables; cauliflower and spinach. I am going to put them in towards the end and add  vegetables, such as corn, celery, and  beetroots in the beginning. So here we have some curry powder, onion powder, garlic powder and im gonna add very little ginger. With spices you gotta be very careful because last week I did not have my curry powder and I thought I would make my own curry powder by putting in coriander powder and turmeric and I put too much coriander and I ended up throwing it. Another product I like to use is braggs . this one is a replacement for soy sauce it's called liquid aminos. Bragg is such a great company I use their two product the other one is apple cider vinegar they are estd in 1912. Apple cider vinegar is really good for you if you add 2 tablespoon of the ACV in  a glass of warm water and drink it.  Another thing I’m gonna use is pink Himalayan salt and mountain spring water.

I like to keep it simple while cooking. I usually use organic but today I'm using regular lentil , organic vegetables and few organic spices. When we eat out we are not aware of what oil they use. Usually they use canola oil which is not good for your heart so you should avoid it. What we should do is try our best everyday and were gonna fall short of the perfect rainbow if you will however if we make some effort. Some effort is better than none and I feel what I really wanna say today is momentum is important. And if you get that momentum hold on to that.I finally find exercise that I like Zumba. I just got back from Zumba class and I am learning how to do that.i've been doing capoeira for years and i found it got violent so i stopped it but Zumba is great and I"m getting my cardio on and we have to really try our best to eat right, drink right , think right. Health is our wealth.
So the reason why I am doing this video is that a younger person asked wow this is so tasty how do I cook it so today I'm gonna show it.

So now I'm gonna put some water. How much? My mother usually measures, my friend usually measured, but for me I just like to get the general idea of how much water it needs. And it doesn't have to be perfect the main thing for me is not to put too little water so that the water doesn't dry and it ends up burning but if you have enough then you're gonna have a nice texture and nice meal to eat. How long to cook it? That I do not know either. But I'm gonna time it while cooking and let you know at the end today after we stop this and start the video again .

So now lets see ground ginger, I'm not a measuring guru so I'm just gonna take a pinch and sprinkle it. I like to cook with intuition. I'm just gonna trust my intuition. I do not have an exact science behind it so I'm just gonna trust my intuition. So next is onion powder, I actually haven't used it and always wanted to try it so  here it is im gonna do 2 pinches based on my coriander lesion. Garlic powder, that a safe thing for me so I'm gonna put a little more. Now curry powder, I feel pretty confident to put that much curry powder there as I have used it before. Now salt, I try to not put too much salt because my body reacts to it so I'm just gonna just sprinkle it as salt is essential and our body needs it.

Next liquid aminos, this I'm gonna put a lot as my body can handle it. Everyone's body is different and we need to learn our body as everyone's body is different. One thing I like about ayurvedic medicine is that they say every human body is different so there is no one recipe so we have to find our own way in space and time. So these vegetables i feel can be cooked heavily so I put them in first. These are all organic I got them from whole foods and trader joe. I usually like to shop local so I say stay local but for right now I'm doing the best I can I am at whole foods and I am at trader joe. So now i'm just gonna mix this a little ant that it is gonna pretty much gonna gonna do it so I'm just gonna put it in the oven in 400 degrees. One thing make sure is that the water level is gonna stay high. So I am gonna stir it once again and say that I am an intuition guy and I’m gonna turn on the oven at 400 and put that in there .

So that is phase one complete. Love joy and happiness. One of my biggest things I wanna say is we need to put effort. One thing I wanna say is I  have been vegan since 1983 and you can eat very bad even as a vegan. So one thing I wanna say is weather you are a meat eater or a vegan you need to right. What type of nutrition you are getting are getting protein are you eating meals at the right times of the day. I was a one meal person a day and ate only one meal  day normally on the dinner time. In Islam they eat only one meal a day. Traditional rules for  60’s and 70’s they only ate one meal a day, they ate bean soup where it was mostly beans and vegetables and small white navy beans. The thing about these small White navy beans is that you need to soak it with these lentils and wash it about 3 times.  So nutrition is so important for proper health. I have little words of wisdom I'd like to share it with you where one yoga teacher said you live how you breathe so if you take fast - rapid panting breath that is how your life is gonna be fast, rapid and panting and if you take slow meaningful, purposeful breaths then your life is also gonna be lasting meaningful and purposeful. This is the beginning of me trying to share as much as I can with myself and future generation and say to get started somewhere with this healthing eating habits because its valuable if you have a healthy body you can do a lot and enjoy a lot cuz food is medicine. So see you little later as the video will continue and thank you for watching.

Alright! It's been about and hour and 10 minutes and I started smelling the curry which smelled really good and so I was like it's time to stir it ,I also noticed that there is not enough water in it. It is hot so im gonna use these towels to lift the lid and add some water to it. You gotta be very careful when pouring water cuz you dont wanna crack the pieract. So Im gonna use this clean fork to stir the water and not let the water touch the glass bowl. So I'm gonna pour kind of slow and stir to make sure it doesn't touch the ends. It hasn't been fully cooked yet and sometimes I'm too hungry so I eat it without waiting for it to be fully cooked but that's not good to eat it like that. It's better to eat it when it is all the way cooked. Also I would like to wait before I flash cook the vegetables. The cauliflower and the spinach were gonna lightly cook those.So i'm still stirring it. I once broke the pieract. It was hot and I poured regular room temperature water To it and it cracked. Since the molecules expand and contract so you gotta be really careful while adding water and make sure it does not reach the bottom. That is enough water now. So I think it's gonna be about two to two and half hours total. Now I think we have about an hour to go. So I'm gonna keep you posted. Back to the oven we go.

Alright happy cooking. This is what you can make throughout the day and if you are in the office like we are you can start it right when you get to work and cook it throughout the day until hopefully it will be ready around 1 o'clock or something like that. For me what I realizing is that if I could eat a breakfast maybe around 7 for me. Everybody is different their schedule is different like a cup of this soup at lunch and another cup at dinner  like 5-6 at dinner 7:30-8. Its rough for me cuz I am working all the time trying to get my life a little organized to take better care of my life and get my life together so this hopefully will inspire you to take care of yourself and  actually the day I’m looking forward to is to get up around say 6 o clock 5:30 and an hour of Zumba and also 3 mis of stretching and meditation so I really feel good.

I hope you enjoy this meal.  Make time to take care of yourself!

Red Lentil Recipe 

Glenn T. Smith visits Far I  Shields @ the Chamber in Oakland, CA