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After UJAMAA disbanded I joined a band with seasoned musicians in Oakland, Ca entitled Forces of Victory. Then Word, Sound, Power was formed and once again writing music was available.  With Sacred Journey  the dream of musical success and a life as a professional musician became a reality.  We performed in front of thousands.  CD's sold out and tours were offered. With this opportunity our band crumbled.

This began the solo career of Far I  in 2003.

Some of the places where Far I has performed: 

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Beyond our thoughts and emotions is an ocean of Peace.  

Connect to Divine energy by entering each song, painting and book and let your spirit fly!  Once a clear connection is realized we can now begin to create the joy filled world of our dreams and create heaven on earth.  WE ARE THE ONES BORN TO GET THIS THANG TOGETHER NOW!  YOU AND ME GONNA SET THE  WORLD FREE!

Musician, Artist and Author for Global Transformation

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Far I carrying Granddaughter home

Far I carrying Granddaughter Home 

Far I has been performing music since the age of 7.  The first instrument he played was piano.

When his grandfather passed away at the age of 16 he asked his mother for a saxophone.  It was with this instrument that he found freedom in music.

At the age of 18 I traveled to Berkeley, Ca to attend UC Berkeley.  When at Berkeley fellow students and I created a band named UJAMAA.  We lived in a house we called Jah's Temple in Oakland, Ca.  What a great time we had writing songs and jamming.  We often performed for our fellow UC Berkeley students at Jah's Temple.  UJAMAA also performed at African Liberation Day 1987.

The creative works of Far I are designed to help the listener discover their personal connection to divine energy.  It's time for wonder.  It's time for delight.  It's time for a new humanity.  Tap into the source of all things and let Joy, Love and Freedom Reign.  Freedom is here right now when we live our lives grounded in the higher state of being.  

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