Jessica Lauren

We have gathered to uplift the consciousness of humanity through

​musical harmony!

Brotha James: Bass Guitar

Reggie Black: Guitar & Background Vocals

Jessica Lauren: Vocals & Vocal Arrangement

Far I: Lead Vocals and Guitar 

Far I carrying Granddaughter Home 

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Far I of the BAND

I am in full gratitude to share time and musical space with these 3 beautiful souls.  We have so much fun together.  I really enjoy the commitment to greatness that each of us has.  

Get lost in the music with us and you will feel inspired and refreshed.  I hope to connect with you soon.  We are reaching out to you.

I have always been honored to know and perform with musicians and I'm incredibly grateful to be performing with such an inspiring band!  I find my own inspiration for my music from my roots, growing up with two parents who loved Rock N'Roll and Country. I have a very diverse artistic background, so I have the pleasure of being in the midst of so many talented people on a regular basis. It really energizes me to be able to be around so many muses, and frees my mind during performances to relax into the music.

For Booking, live performances for festivals, church, events and private parties email:

Brotha James

Reggie Black

Far I Shields Music, Far I Shields Children Book, Free Music Streaming


Far I  Shields

​​I enjoy the freedom of expression playing with - Jessica, James, and Far I.  Even in mistakes, music comes out.  I enjoy working with a group of musicians that are drama and stress-free.

We are ready to offer blessings and a gift to the people.  When you hear our music you will feel freedom and liberation.  So, be looking for us because we will be looking for you

Our music is full of good energy and uplifting lyrics.  It will give you a feeling of everyone working together.  Musically joining has been an experience that has just felt right.  I get a lot out of playing music. One of my favorite things is that it helps me get into the moment.  I love challenging myself and learning things through music.

Come out and see us play and enjoy the times