Far I  Shields Membership Benefits

The mission of our monthly membership is to help you achieve your best life.  The art, music, and spiritual teachings of Far I  Sheilds will be used to help you live in peace and at your full power.

You will receive a weekly video with insights and goals setting strategies to support your growth and help you to manifest your desires

Some of the topics we will cover are

The Art of Manifestation. How do we do it?  What is the formula?  How do electricity and magnetism relate to our natural ability to create what we want?  Frequencies and emotions - What are we attracting.

The power of meditation.  Why is it a useful tool?  How to use it.  What do we think about when we meditate and what are some of the must-know basics?

Healthy Vegan Recipies.  Veganism has been popular in the last decade because of the impact on our environment and ourselves.  I have been vegan for the past 35 years.  Learn strategies, things to look out for and how to find the nutrition balance that works best for you

How to heal your body naturally.  Our body is an amazing vehicle.  What is the best way to use it?  What are some exercises that I enjoy and recommend?  How to treat pain in our body.  What is our body telling us?  What are some natural remedies and superfood we can use to be our best in our modern lives?  Learn about natural products for your hair and body.  Which Deodorants are great for women and what are ingredients that we should avoid.

What is the importance of Bees?  What is happening to our pollinators who supply 80% of our food.  What can we do to help

Sustainable Lifestyle Choices.  Green products that work.  Learn what challenges are environment are facing.  Who are some of the movers and shakers working to help us?  What is wrong with using plastic.  what are some different materials that we can purchase and use to reduce our consumption of plastic?  Why is everyone needed

Crystals - what are they, how are they made, what is their use. How to make turquoise jewelry

History about ancient healers - shamans

Why we should grow our own food.  Where do we start?

This will be an interactive experience.  Please feel free to email your question, insights, and request.  Thank you for your support and together we will accomplish the life of our dreams!!!


Additional Member Benefits

Song of the Month - the song by Far I  Shields will be emailed to you.  You will also receive the lyrics and description of what the song means to Far I.

Art Image of the Month - an art image by Far I  Shields will be emailed to you.  Far I will discuss what the image means to him, what medium he used, and what are some of the lessons he learned from that image.

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