Thank you Lawwwd!  This song and the heavenly voice of Enya makes me feel at home with divine energy. She really takes me there.  I am also delighted that the sustainability movement is highlighted in the video.  Animal conservation and preservation of our beautiful planet is what is so desperately needed in this day and age.  Thank you Enya for your magical music!

When I heard this song my body took over and just started dancing.  Then I couldn't stop dancing and listening to this song.  I was stuck - just dancing and rewinding and then doing it again.  I hope you can have the same joy as I did when I first heard this song.  Thank you Michael Franti.

Musican Reviews

She is just so sweet and smooth with her delivery.  Being overwhelmed with the negative music of the 80's and 90's promoting violence and all the negative things is life, it was such a blessing to hear this dynamic sistah with her spiritual messages.  This song just reminds me to take sometime to smell the roses in life.  Living in the city I find myself working, working and working day and night. This is a clear message to make sometime for yourself to appreciate the little things.  I am in full gratitude to have the music of India Arie in our atmosphere.  Blessings of Love and Joy!

Music has always been a very magical part of my life.  When I was younger my father would play his favorite music and was a great music collector.  I grew up with the incredible and soulful music of the 60's and 70's.  In church the music was always my favorite part of the gathering.  

I have had many spiritual evolutions in my life. Now, Consciousness seems to be at the forefront of my reality.  To me this means awareness.  One Yoga Master mentioned that we live like we breathe.  If we take short frantic breaths then our lives will be short and frantic.  If we take long, purposeful breaths, then our lives will be long and purposeful.

Awareness of how incredible it is to be human.  A journey from scary victimized world of complaining into the warm and loving world of co-creation.  

There are a few musicians that I would like to thank for their musical contributions to the expansion of human consciousness.  These artist have the courage to create sounds which inspire, uplift and draw the listener closer to the source of all things.


Bob Marley

On February 16th 2018 Marvel Comics will make history by Releasing the Movie entitled Black Panther.

Black Panther is definitely a  revolutionary movie where  rich African culture references seems to play a big part in Marvel’s first film featuring a Black Superhero. The trailer gives viewers  glimpse of cool futuristic technology exciting action scenes that has never been shown in the history of Marvel movies to look forward to.

I was born in the 60’s which was a really a turbulent time.  Vietnam war was ragging. There were many protest in the street all over the world as the people were demanding change.   President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965.  

At the same time that so much turbulence was happening great human achievement and togetherness was being created.  The space race was on and men who were recently at war with each other pulled their intelligence and landed a man on the moon.  Motown Records, The feminist movement, the Beatles came to America and The Black Panther Organization began in Oakland, Ca in 1966.

Marvel's first  black superhero movie is directed by Ryan Coogler from Oakland California. Ryan  Coogler has directed films such as Fruitvale station and Creed. Black Panther includes some prestigious, accredited actors such as Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and many other.  The movie also debues some lead appearances from the astonishing presence of Letitia Wright. This film seems to touch on many different instances in the black community.

Language spoken by the African People in the movie is Xhosa which is South African. Xhosa is the native language of Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years in prison and was the first president of African descent to govern South Africa after the Apartheid Regime ended.  

Superheroes were first created during the Great Depression in the 1930’s.  There was so little hope in the world at the time that people identified with the underdog who became the hero.  Many of the challenges of the world including WWII became a theme of both Marvel and DC Comics.  In this same spirit Green Team Comics was created by Far I  Shields.

Black Panther the Movie has great music, a great story line and is filled with the hope and aspirations of a better humanity.

Historic Gathering in 1979 at Harvard Stadium, Bob Marley and the Wailers were the headliners.  Amazing, simply amazing - what a blessing to our human family these group of musicians and souls are to our planet and society.  Blessings of all eternity to this great soul Robert Nesta Marley.  His music forever changed my life.  Even though I never met him personally I did see him live on TV around 1976.  All I remember then was like what in the heavens is that.  Thanks to a elder community brother in High School I was introduced to Bob Marley and the Wailers once again as a teen age.  Whoooooooooo!!!!!  Oh yes, now I get it.  It took a little growing up for me to have some overspending of what this music, this creation, this vibration of One Love Consciousness really is!

Take a chance, go into a trance and use the energy of this divine event to crystallize higher consciousness within your very being.  We are the ones alive now.  So there is plenty work to be done.  Find your inspiration and join the creation of the world they way you wish to see it. 

Far I Shields Online

I personally relate and appreciate this song tremendously because I to have had a journey through various religions and spiritual practices.  I wrote in my song Love is My Savior of the journey.  In Ziggy Marley's song he first takes you to the temple.  This is entering into the sacred space. Then he goes on to say that all are welcome.  In this sacred space he does not want to convert you or to condemn you.  He just wants to express that Love is the way.


Omg I love this song so much.  What a magical blessing to humanity this song is!!!  All the great thinkers and innovators are honored through this song.  It is almost difficult to put into words how much I appreciate this song.  Let me give it a good ole college try.  

In the video there are people of all nationalities walking together.  I absolutely love this.  For me personally whenever a moment is created when we as a human family come together - that is the better way.  A special thank you for all the contributors to this video and especially the great creative talent of Ben Harper.