Far I Shields is a musician, artist and authorfor global transformation.

His latest Book Release is the Birth of Sun Ray Comic Book available now for purchase @ greenteamcomics.com            

farishields is a singer who has been providing musical performances since the age of 7.  Now it is time for the creative works of Far I to be shared with the world.  The journey begins. Raising the consciousness of human beings on the planet is the number one goal of Far I.  Each song, painting and book can be used as a vehicle for the viewer and listener to enter and transport to their higher selves or a higher state of consciousness.  We will change the world by changing ourselves.  The key to each individual having a life changing moment is to activate our dreams.  Messages can be received moment by moment when we tune into the divine broadcast.  This is the discovery of the beautiful world within.  All aboard!  Calling all stars!  Your help is needed and appreciated. Your support is prayed for.  Far I can be reached through email and social media platforms.  All collaborations and interactions are welcome.  When we all give a little we will have a lot!  We are the change we have been looking for.  Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you.  

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Born in Los Angeles, Ca  Far I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend UC Berkeley.  As a student at Cal Far I began to meet local community members and began forming lifelong bonds and discovered the beautiful and cultural city of Oakland, Ca.  The rhythms of Africa filled the air.  Artists, musicians, and thought leaders were active in making the world a better place.  Places like The Malonga Center for the Arts, the Loft, The Nu Upper Room and other championed the African American expressions of music, art, storytelling, and culture

In 2007 Far I was exposed to the Green Movement.  A vegan since 1983 Far I was still not directly connected to the environmental issues and organizations working to educate and offer alternatives.  In 2009 Far I founded a Healthy Cleaning Company entitled Green Carpet Clean and the world of Green Activity was fully activated.  Our environment, which includes our children, our elders, animals, and ourselves - all are in need of immediate change.  The ways of the western world are not sustainable.  We have to learn to reduce our waste and create healthy eating and living alternatives that embrace the world we live in and all its creatures.  

Self Discovery is the key to self-improvement.  Music has a wonderful way of bringing people together for magic moments. The music of Far I  Shields is designed to make you feel good, make you feel hopeful, make you feel empowered, make you feel uplifted, and make you regain your seat of power in your own life. The human being is an amazing creature.  We are able to create so much good in the world if we give ourselves an opportunity.  The teachings of Echart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Mutima ImaniBob Marley, Stevie Wonder, YoganandaDr. Sylvia Earle, and many more both unknown and known are woven into each song, painting, and book.  The goal is for the listener and viewer to Come Alive, enjoy themselves in a holistic way, and take action to improve our lives and our world.

Let's build a new world.  A world of JOY, PEACE, and HAPPINESS where every soul is blessed

In Gratitude

Far I